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  • Environment: The Packaging Issue

    6 Dec 2019 by

    Today I haven’t brought my own lunch to the office. It never happens, but yesterday I had a busy evening and I totally forgot to prepare my food.*I had to go to the local supermarket, hoping to find something not harmful to the environment.*I got quite lucky. I found this nice falafel and hummus wrap… Read more

  • Reusable Shopping Bags

    4 Dec 2019 by

    I bought these reusable bags at my local Sainsbury’s a couple of months ago.*The company has removed plastic bags for fruit and veg aisles last September and I’m so glad they did. I already had my own shopping bags, but I have to admit that until then I didn’t have specific ones for vegetables and… Read more

  • New Blog Purpose

    28 Nov 2019 by

    Hi everyone, I’ve been absent for longer than a week now and, I have to admit, a little confuse about the real purpose of my blog probably since I started this new adventure. When I first opened this wordpress page I wanted to monitor the evolution of the novel I’m writing, but I ended up… Read more

  • A protest in an upside down world

    18 Nov 2019 by

    The station is always busy at this time of the day – people wrapped in a suit run down the escalators and avoid slow commuters as if they were obstacles in a race. Only when I take the corridor I notice that this morning something’s different. It’s so crowded that people are forced to slow… Read more

  • A busy week

    30 Oct 2019 by

    This week I missed my Monday Post. I’m not proud of it but I had a couple of busy days. Life took me away from work; and when I say life, I mean it letterally. One of my best friends had a baby girl recently and I went to meet her. I know I should… Read more

  • My First Novel

    24 Oct 2019 by

    How to fight doubts and lack of inspiration Autumn is so unpredictable. I woke up in a rainy London today. There’s nothing left of the bright sun that shone yesterday. I don’t mind this weather, I just hope it will let me take a walk by the river after lunch. It really helps me to… Read more

  • Climate Change: Another week of protest

    14 Oct 2019 by

    It’s a rainy Monday in London. I woke up early this morning and got ready for the office. I had a look at my Facebook while eating breakfast and I came across a post that got my attention. “Eco-activists Extinction Rebellion have descended on the City of London in a bid for maximum disruption to… Read more

  • Climate Crisis and Denialism

    30 Sep 2019 by

    Millions of youth filled the streets of thousands of cities last week. For the third time this year, they marched against the current politics that are likely to make the earth unsafe for the humans. Global Week For Future, they called it. It was a beauty to see all those people united against a communal… Read more

  • “What If?” The origin of an idea

    16 Sep 2019 by

    Hi everyone! It’s Monday. A new week has started and it’s time for a new post. Last week I used this space to talk about knowing ourselves and our passions and I left you with an information about my writing project. I’ve written many things during the years that I have kept for myself. Until… Read more

  • The importance of having a life purpose

    9 Sep 2019 by

    “I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not… Read more

  • My Blogging Schedule

    4 Sep 2019 by

    Starting a blog is not the easiest thing in the world, I realised, especially if you are already writing something else. You obviously don’t want this new commitment to interfere with the story you’re working on. What to do, then? I’ve been thinking and reading about blogging for a few days now, and I got… Read more

  • A New Adventure

    2 Sep 2019 by

    Would you consider leaving your job to follow your dreams a crazy decision? Probably you would, and it’s ok, given that I used to think the same, until I understood that some craziness was exactly what I needed. I was a bookseller who wanted to be a writer, but I’d never thought about it as… Read more

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